About Us

Hi, we’re Olive and Felix, the team behind UNDERWEARBEST™. We started UNDERWEARBEST™ as business students, with a strong mission: to create the perfect pair of underwear. We were fed up with the solvable everyday problems caused by poor design and cheap fabrics. We were sick of scratchy fabric that makes you uncomfortable all day long and poor construction that doesn’t give you proper support. We traveled around Asia in search of solutions to these problems and somewhere along the way, UNDERWEARBEST™ was born. We as a community deserve better from the clothes we wear. We deserve better quality, better comfort, better support, and better production practices. We are proud to deliver you all of those things with UNDERWEARBEST™ underwear.

Set out to reshape men’s underwear the way it should be: more tailored, fit, and fashionable, and help the world become more comfortable.

Thanks for reading, and let the adventure begin!