You'll forget you're wearing one

Introducing Underwearbest™ Underwear, the only underwear that is so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it! At Underwearbest™, we believe in the simple power of basics. Underwear is something that we think about way more than we should.


The underwear that changes your life

Underwears that are not suitable for you, such as tingling, slipping, peculiar smell, and sultry, are all small setbacks. Therefore, we want to make pants that will not feel pressure or even forget to wear. It will support you from the adventures closest to everyday life.


Our Story & Stance

We focus on the physical activities that accompany play and make high-tech underwear that allows you to play to your heart's content. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but I also try not to burden the earth.


We don't use any plastic material. All of our products and shipping packagings are made from recycled papers and cardboards. In order to minimize waste generation, we always look for ways to use the least packaging possible.

We only use natural materials in our products. Merino wool and modal from beech tree fibers are biodegradable.  We also make sure that the manufacturing process is earth-friendly. Our boxer briefs are made in an eco-friendly process. The merino wool comes from Australia. The Modal is produced by a company, Lenzing in Austria. From wood sourcing to factory gate, Lenzing modal fibers' sustainability has been scientifically proven in a life cycle assessment done by Utrecht University. 

Your headline

To meet the anticipated demands of our backers, we have spent months looking for new partners around Asia. We have finally found one in Qingdao, China. The labor condition is the most crucial element for us when it comes to choosing factories. Over the course of our preparation period, we have visited our factory to get to know the team behind the production of our underwear and to make sure that these employees are working under good conditions. We can assure you that they work under healthy conditions within well-organized factories. They also produce high-quality products. We, Underwearbest™ only become partners with those who we can count on.